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Alpha E-Commerce is a multi-purpose and multi-vendor online business solution developed using Laravel and Flutter Framework. You can operate your business with various business modules, unlimited vendors, and products centrally.

Boost Business With Smart Delivery System

Enhance your business with the power of an intelligent delivery system. Our cutting-edge solution, Alpha Delivery, combines advanced technologies and user-friendly interfaces to revolutionize your delivery operations.
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Why Choose Alpha E-Commerce App?

Multi-Language Support

The admin panel and store panel have multi-language setup facilities. You can set up multiple languages in LTR and RTL formats to provide a maximum native feel to your business platform.

Accurate Coverage Area

You can manage multiple zones in the admin panel for your business coverage area. The map drawing tool will help you to draw your coverage accurately. Stores can be added to these zones. Only the users who are in coverage can order.

System Modules Management

Create, customize, and remove any type of business module from the system module section. You can set up a new module’s name, type, theme, icon, thumbnail, etc. You can also temporarily deactivate any module if you like.

Smart Dispatch Management

Get an overview of active & inactive delivery men, orders that are out for delivery, accepted by a delivery man, unassigned orders, etc. You can also manually assign a delivery man for order dispatch and track real-time delivery status via Google Maps from the dispatch overview dashboard for each business module.

Product Management

Add new product items to different categories and subcategories to any store you want. Create the products with relevant attributes, addons, units, add discounts, meta tags for SEO, etc. The store panel can also manage items through their product management section.

Delivery Man App

Create unlimited delivery man accounts, accept requests from the admin panel, and include vehicle type in the registration process. Set delivery men as freelancers or salary-based employees, with defined minimum and maximum coverage areas and extra charges. Delivery men register via the app, accept orders, deliver on time, and earn money.

Multiple Store Management

Add an unlimited number of stores for each module and easily manage them from the admin panel.

Advanced Order Management

Alpha E-Commerce item order management feature will help the admin and the store manager to manage every order very efficiently.

SMS OTP Integration

Alpha E-Commerce comes with popular SMS gateways that you can integrate with and verify users in a smarter way.

Promotions Management

Increase the revenue of your business by creating different campaigns, banners, coupons, push notifications, etc. You can customize the coupons according to different stores and customers—also, the coupon expense bearer.

Transaction & Report Analytics

This special feature allows you to get an overview and change the status for withdrawal requests, total cash collected, and delivery man payables. You can also get a daily, weekly, monthly, or customized overview of order transactions.

Assign Delivery Man Manually

Easily track unassigned deliveries and manually assign a delivery man for order dispatch to ensure timely delivery of all products.

Employee Section

Alpha E-Commerce Admin and Store panel both have employee sections. You can create a new employee role and access your employee to your Alpha E-Commerce portal easily.

Featured User App & Web

You will get the Alpha E-Commerce mobile app and web source code with this bundle. We developed this by flutter so the app can be usable on Android and iOS.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Alpha E-Commerce comes with a bunch of integrated payment gateways. All of them are popular, and you can start your business immediately.

For a better experience Try Demo

Please create a demo user account from the user app and a delivery man credential from your demo admin panel to use the delivery man app.
What You Can See In Demo:

Mobile App Preview

Technologies & Platforms

We use the world’s latest technologies and build our system for the most used platforms.
We use the world’s latest technologies and build our system for the most used platforms.